Dear Friend in Christ,

Why do you think King David set his psalms to music? He did so because music lifts these prayers and praises into our hearts and minds in ways that the spoken word doesn’t.

You have experienced music’s power. No doubt you’ve been lifted back to a place and time simply by hearing a song. Music taps into the deepest recesses of our brains, conjuring up emotions and sensations associated with memories most precious to us.

Simply, music connects. It connects us to our past and connects us to others. Most importantly, it helps us connect to our Lord by encouraging our hearts and souls to praise and worship.

I would love to come alongside you to help encourage the hearts and souls of your people through singing and speaking! I can help you with a regular Sunday morning or evening worship service, a special service of music and testimony, a celebration banquet, or a revival.

For almost 30 years the Lord has allowed me to participate in the ministry of lifting spirits through music. After singing before hundreds of thousands of people in venues such as the Carolina Opry, Roy Clark Celebrity Theatre, television, and in numerous churches, I am now following the Lord’s leading to encourage His people through a ministry of singing and speaking in local churches of all sizes.

I am a servant of the Lord and I serve Him best by serving you. I have no fee and put no pressure upon the church for a large love offering. I only ask that you cover my travel expense, and your leadership may ask for a love offering in whatever manner they see fit. I respect the fact that every church has its own manner of doing this to the comfort of its people.

Please give me a call or contact me by email and we will work out a date suitable for both of us.


Steve Sifford